Finikounda is a beautiful pittoresque village build by the sea. Its long sand beaches and its strategic location between Koroni and Methoni have made Finikounda one of Messinia's most popular summer destinations. In Finikounda one can enjoy the beautiful beaches along with the clear, clean water of the sea and an amazing natural surrounding.

Right across the Finikounda bay are the Oinoussae islands, where the deepest part of the Mediterranean Sea is. During the summer there are boats which organize one-day excursions at these islands. The largest one, Schisa, is famous for its arbutus forest.

Starting from Finikounda you can visit many beautiful beaches such as Lampes, Loutsa, Tsapi and the magical Voidokilia's bay. A boat can take you to wonderful, quiet beaches such as Mikro and Megalo Marathi.

Right next to Finikounda's bay there lies Makrinammos beach. Its long coast allows beach bars, a surf station, beach volley courts to co-exist peacefully with bathers that simply want to spend a resting day on the beach. The weather conditions in the area are ideal for water sports, especially windsurf and kite surf.

Remind yourselves to pay a visit at Polilimnio, a magnificent lake cluster between Pylos and Messinia, with small, natural waterfalls. The region has developed an important civilization early in the Mycenaean times.

You can visit the palace of Nestor, near Pylos, the best reserved Mycenaean palace in Greece, built in the 13th century B.C. In Koroni and Methoni you can see two of the most beautiful Venetian castles in Southern Greece, while near Pylos, next to Gialova village you should visit the Old Navarino castle and enjoy the breathtaking view in a sight that dates back to the 13th century A.D.

Discover the natural beauty of southern Peloponnese, enjoy the local hospitality and get fascinated by the region's rich history.


How to reach Finikounda


By car: From Kalamata, follow the main road to Pylos and you easily reach Finikounda.

By bus(KTEL): From Athens there are buses every day to Kalamata and Koroni. For more information contact Athen's KTEL:

210-5124910, 5124911, 5134273.